"It is more than just a cup of coffee! Its a unique exotic experience with focus on becoming a part of the community!"

A story about a young couple of different cultures, who married and had two wonderful sons… Abdelkaddar and Abderazzak, also known as Karter and Zak. Each parent brought their unique tradition, foods, coffee and tea into the lives of their sons, into a restaurant, into coffee shops and befriending a community in the process!

This love story goes all the way back to a northwest Iowa farm, where Dee was raised within a German heritage of family, coffee, and tea. She learned to bake and make the signature black coffee at a young age to frequently entertain family and friends. Dee has fond memories of family and the aroma of coffee brewing, thus started the dream of owning a coffee shop.

Meanwhile, Abdellah was in Morocco growing up with his own traditions on the other side of the world. Sweet mint tea is a staple of Morocco, and served at every opportunity to do so to friends, family, and unexpected guests. SPICES COFFEE He has wonderful memories of gathering around a pot of steaming hot tea no matter what the temperature is outside. There was always good conversation, stories and laughter served up with tea. Even when he immigrated to Colorado, he continued his daily dose of sweet mint tea.

Eventually, Dee would gravitate to Denver where she would meet and marry Abdellah in 1987. They became happy parents of two amazing, active sons. They committed to continuing both of their languages, traditions, food and beverages in their home. They wanted to create more memories over the same heart warming beverages that included both beverages.

In 2007, Dee and Abdellah decided to open a Moroccan restaurant in Wilsonville, Oregon. It became a very popular place for people who desired an ethnic experience where you felt like you were a part of the family and dining out in someone’s home! The Moroccan mint tea and hospitality were the star of the show. After eight years in the restaurant business, Karter returned to Portland with a career ending soccer injury. He decided to open a coffee shop for his mother, since he knew her dream of owning her own coffee shop. That is when Ovation Coffee & Tea went from a dream to a reality in 2013!

The family sat down with a pot of tea as their ancestors have been doing for centuries and worked on the conception of a fusion of Moroccan and classic coffee and tea beverages. Their focus was reminiscent of their family memories, where the service included an environment that would make you feel like a part of the family and nurture everlasting friendships!

That was nine years ago, and they have come a long way… Given the feedback, the friendships that they developed, and becoming a part of the community, and now expanding and becoming a part of more communities, everyone can say that the Elhabbassi’s dream has come to fruition!

They have become the several communities corner coffee shop, where people regularly meet to conversate over a cup of coffee or tea… Just as the Elhabbassi family would want it to be!