Moroccan Latte

An amazing latte enhanced with organic honey and Moroccan spices topped with honey sprinkles to brulee the foam

Sweet Moroccan Mint Tea

A smooth green tea infused with fresh spearmint and orange blossom water

Dee’s Famous Scones

Hand made, crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside! Baked to perfection several times throughout the day!

Moroccan Pistachio Latte

Our most popular drink and Karter’s favorite! Creamy and nutty and infused with the Moroccan spices and finished with honey sprinkles to brulee the foam!

Our Story

The Elhabbassi family opened the doors of Ovation in December of 2013! After living in Morocco and moving to the states, Abdellah and Dee Elhabbassi with their two sons Karter and Zak embarked on this adventure after successfully running Dar Essalam, a Moroccan restaurant in Wilsonville. Abdellah’s dream was always to open a Moroccan restaurant and Dee’s dream was to open a coffee shop and Ovation is a dream come true for Dee

They embarked on this coffee journey by opening in Portland, the coffee mecca of America where you can find a coffee shop on nearly every corner! The vision brought a new and innovative concept by offering a Moroccan twist to the menu that no other coffee shop has ever done, but also focused on the hospitality which Morocco is known for. It immediately gained a following and Ovation quickly became a part of the community by offering quality products paired with exceptional service to make it more than just a cup of coffee!

With the perfect combination of innovative beverages and customer service, in 2022 Ovation has been voted the #1 coffee shop in Portland, Oregon and was voted #3 on the Yelp Top 100 Coffee Shops in the entire USA and Canada!!